February 29, 2024

Beauty look of the day: Olivia Palermo and her glossy ripples in Paris

In recent months, Olivia Palermo was more discreet about our fashion radar. Do not panic, however, the beautiful has resurfaced this week during Paris Fashion Week to attend the presentation of the collections of the winter season 2014-2015. And it is with pretty blonde lengths all waved that we found the normally brunette and smooth Olivia, nicely sitting in the front row of the parade Elie Saab.

The mine still resplendent, Olivia Palermo had a very natural and flawless beauty look. On the eyes, a little iridescent brown eyeshadow, a thin line of black pencil to enlarge her eyes and a good layer of black mascara to stretch her eyelashes to infinity allowed to dress subtly his eyes. A little blush on the cheekbones, totally nude lips and straight, well-combed eyebrows ... that's a good and appropriate beauty for a rainy afternoon.

To bring a little light to all this, it was hairstyle that you had to look at. Not thatOlivia Palermo opted for something too extravagant. No. But we must admit that we are totally seduced by its beautifully defined and sunny ripples. She who recently shows a rather wise blonde shows that by "twisting" a few lengths it becomes easy to put its color in value. With this hairstyle, the young woman had the air of Californian beach goddesses, with hair naturally wavy, bright and blondie by the sun.

A hairstyle and a perfect color to enhance the complexion of American socialite. To copy without hesitation for this summer (if the sun decides to point durably the end of its nose!)

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