September 30, 2020

Bioderma purifying shampoo for oily hair

The shampoo forgreasy hair of Bioderma is bare for you this autumn: its green bottle is transparenten light, as its texture, fluid and soft. Node G is a shampoo purifying sebum regulator, without perfume but with delicious and subtle scents.

The secret of the effectiveness of shampoo Node G lies in its formula: calcium sensors prevent greasy hair to get heavier. The essential oil of sage, with the regulating virtues of sebum, cleanses the scalp and the hair are soothed. The balance of the flora is maintained, the regreasing of the hair is delayed.

The shampoo cleans thoroughly but gently greasy hair or fat, even the hair fragile, and limits the risk of irritation: ideal for hair sensitive. The hair are soft and light!

Shampoo purifying Bioderma Node G, 7.60? the 200 ml and 10? the 400 ml.


How To Really Get Rid of Dandruff-Oily Hair-Dry Scalp-Tips From My Dermatologist-Beautyklove (September 2020)