December 1, 2021

Board Games: Family

Addict, captivating Thu tray, is one of them. Two to four teams compete, using their visual qualities (intruders to find among several images) or auditory (sounds or music to identify), but also their sense of reflection (with many puzzles) ) and their knowledge (in art, literature, history, geography, news, TV, cinema, science, sports, leisure, music, fashion, etc.).
Addict, Zao Media, 44.90?

And also
Great success worldwide, Cranium is the Thu family challenge par excellence, out of mind of Richard Tait and Whit Alexander (read the interview of the latter).
Cranium, TF1 Games, 39.99?

The Cluedo Cartonne for generations. And its version DVD gives him a new youth. Rest assured, the stage has not disappeared, but the animation of the scenarios, your assistants and even some clues now appear on the screen, and greatly increase the suspense.
Cluedo DVD, Hasbro, 55?

5 Board Games My Family Loves (December 2021)