July 12, 2024

Care syringes and fillers: info or intox?

The principle: fill in the wrinkles
The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis care is based on the principle of filling wrinkles: it is not about retightening the skin or exfoliate it to bring up brand new cells, no! This is to compensate for the hollow of the wrinkle by applying a product with a particular texture that will give a feeling of flatness and erase the wrinkle. While in aesthetic medicine we inject a syringe product under the skin to make it up, here the product is deposited outside, on the surface.

The anti-wrinkle gesture
The marketing of the thing is not just about surfing the trend "injections". It is also the imitation of the action of the syringe by conditioning in long and thin tubes with sometimes even a cannula at the end. This tip is nevertheless necessary since it is necessary to apply the product pile on the wrinkle that one wants to fill. So just follow the line of the ride and drop a line of cream. Then let it dry. It is sometimes recommended to smooth your finger very quickly.

The formula
The product acts in two ways. First, the texture. This one, which often contains microspheres of collagen, is slightly pasty, like gelled. This is normal since it must look like the skin and stay in place in the hollow of the wrinkle. On the same principle as products that erase pores and fine lines, they matify the skin by smoothing all micro reliefs if you have fingered the lines. With the tip, the thick texture makes it possible especially to fill the hollow to give the desired optical effect.
Although having a mechanical action, the formulas are also packed with active ingredients that treat the skin in parallel in order to stimulate it, to revive the exchanges and to boost the production of naturally anti-wrinkle substances such as collagen and elastin, by acting on the skin. the heart of the problem. Most formulas also have hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring active ingredient in the cells that replenishes the skin with its incredible ability to gorge on water.

Our opinion
Sharp, these treatments can not replace an injection but offer a pleasant result that requires to continue editing in the day. They also allow those who do not dare to take the plunge to find a palliative that has the advantage of bringing an immediate effect but also in the long term. To try, especially on the lion's wrinkle, the outline of the mouth (vertical wrinkles) and crow's feet.
Comparing the products and their prices, look at the capacities, some are very weak.

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