June 23, 2021

Chantal Thomass, the saga of the lingerie brand

Born in 1947, Chantal Thomass spend her childhood in the world of her mother, seamstress. She creates her first bosses at tender age and her mother realizes them to her. At 20 years, Chantal Thomass enters Dorothée Bis and makes her debut there. Three years later, she creates her own brand of naughty underwear, made by her mother's fairy fingers, which she releases under the name of Ter and Bantine, and hence her first scandal! It must be said that his lingerie, inspired by the world of cabarets, upsets the codes of the proper bourgeoisie! Brigitte Bardot seize this lingerie delicious and works to support the young talented designer. It must be said that it does not hesitate to divert the pile, oilcloth or mesh lurex to make things amazing, if not explosive!
It was not until 1975 that the brand Chantal Thomass so called. Chantal Thomass scrolls through his models lingerie : never dared! In the years marked by feminism, Chantal Thomass makes the crazy bet of bold and seductive femininity, declining small panties, bra, garter belt, corset, undressed ... and even alluring lace stockings that she invents.

In 1981, the advertising Benoît Devarrieu draws for Chantal Thomass his famous logo in Chinese shadow. The whole universe of Chantal Thomass refines and declines even in the decoration of his boudoir shop.
In 1995, Chantal Thomass sees his main shareholder leave with his right of exploitation. It was only in 1998 that she re-obtains it. She then enters the famous group Sara Lee and relaunch his creations. These are today the fruit of the greed of customers in 18 countries: how can we be ultra feminine, sexy devil and know how to conduct his business masterfully.

"It's a beautiful collection." | Chantal Thomass | Vintage Shades Testimonial. (June 2021)