November 28, 2022

Childcare: Baba Me completes her range of diapers

Efficient, easy to use and comfortable, this layer has two closures to choose (pressure or velcro) and today is the favorite washable diaper of parents to accompany baby from the birth to cleanliness.

The parents adopted it: why?

For its "one size fits all" concept

An innovative concept of 3x3 snaps allows to adjust the layer to the baby's morphology of the birth to cleanliness. In addition, velcro straps provide perfect adjustment.

She is ultra practical!

The 100% polyester fabric, waterproof and breathable, has an extra soft suede inner pocket that reduces the risk of allergies and makes it easy to put on the absorption lining.

It is super absorbent and holds in place

Elastics on the back and thighs of the diaper are an effective barrier against leakage even when baby is wriggling a lot. Very soft, they avoid redness. The diaper comes with two liners, one for newborns and one size for larger babies. When the newborn lining becomes too small, just use it at night for example, for extra absorption.

It is easy to maintain

A wide opening makes it easy to set up and remove the liner. The protective pants are machine washed at 40 ° and the inserts at 60-90 °. Thanks to its microfiber fabric, diapers dry very quickly and do not require the use of the dryer.

This company is proud to promote good products for the environment so that babies grow up in a healthier world and parents can get the best for their babies. infant in order to promote their development.

It lasts even longer

The repair kit makes it possible to replace the elastics at the thighs in case of wear.
And its price

It is very small for a washable diaper: 21.50 euros.

Who is Baba Me?

Baba Me is the European distributor of baby. In addition to the United States, these products are sold in more than 22 European countries, including France and the United Kingdom.

Baba Ramdev talked on Patanjali's baby products (November 2022)