June 23, 2024

Chloë Sevigny launches into fashion

While most Hollywood starlets lend their image to major fashion brands without really being interested in art direction, Chloë Sevigny goes the opposite way by opting for bold artistic choices.

Fashion icon, actress darling of independent cinema, Chloë Sevigny is one of the pointy and trendy it-girls. And when she goes into fashion, Chloë takes risks by offering an eclectic collection, mixing retro influences and kitsch details for a draw like no other.

What to say about this sweater oversized leopard. At once trendy by its printed, but old school for its volume ...

How to wear it?

For a feminine look slightly off, you can associate it with a mini skirt black, and a pair of leggings. For a masculine-feminine look, wear it with a jeans skinny and a pair of Doc Martens who are making their comeback this winter. All for a very current look, underground and ultra comfortable ..

In France, Opening Ceremony is available at Colette, price of sweater 345 euros, the price of trendiness ... But when we love, we do not count, it seems ...

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