August 16, 2022

Choose a first name in 5 lessons

1- "Test the chosen first name with your last name, in writing, orally and in both directions: you will avoid difficult sequences (Margaux Gaumont, Lerat Raphael), initials not very happy (Pauline Quinet, William Caron) or the word games spotted a little too late (Andy Capet, Rose Dujardin) ... The others will not miss you! "

2- "Inquire! Books, sites, forums, sources are not lacking and you must know everything about first name that you give to your child. Its origin, its meaning, its history, its true spelling, its popularity, nothing should escape you. It would be a shame to give a first name Hebrew or Breton without knowing it, a first name very fashionable by thinking it original or a first name whose meaning does not please you. At work!".

3- "Consider the name of the future baby in your family and your entourage: Mathilde reminds you of the plague of your childhood, Jules is the first name From the son of your unbearable colleague, Auguste evokes the beloved great-grandfather and Lise, your companion's ex-wife: think carefully about these homages that you could regret. "

4- "Be careful with evocations. You like a first name for his sonorities, but have you thought about the image he refers to others? A first name Extremely rare will probably win you negative reviews ("Cleophée, but where does this come from?", "Caesar? But that's the name of my dog!"). A first name foreigner or connotee will ask you to justify yourself ("Pablo, you are Spanish?", "Moses ... But you are not Jewish ?!"), just as a first name "to reference" ("Romy, are you a fan of Schneider?", "Ulysses, it's for mythology or cartoon?!"). We'll always find something to tell you ... Be ready to hear everything ... and to assume! "

5- "Do not be swayed! If you fear the reactions of grandparents and friends, keep the first name secret until the birth : the surprise will be all the more beautiful. But if you want to know the opinion of your loved ones to be sure not to go wrong, do not let them choose for you. No first name is not unanimous: it is your babyit's up to you alone to decide! "

You lack inspiration? You want to know the current modes to follow them, to anticipate them or to avoid them: in this file you will find the trends of the moment and the first names of tomorrow.

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