June 13, 2024

Chris Brown laundered in a hit and run case

Chris Brown was cleared Thursday in a hit and run case after a road accident in May. This verdict is however not without compensation. The Superior Court of Los Angeles (California) reinstated its probation system, introduced in 2009 after the rapper hit Rihanna, his girlfriend at the time.
Chris Brown has also committed to 1,000 hours of community service, in addition to the 180 days already Rihanna but about which the prosecutor's office has serious doubts.
His lawyer, Mark Geragos, disputes this verdict: "They chose to ignore their own reports, from many who saw (Chris Brownnot only work, but also do very hard manual work. "
The 24-year-old singer was sentenced in June for leaving a car accident on May 21, north of Los Angeles. Chris Brown had admitted to having stamped the back of a Mercedes with his vehicle. However, he denied on Twitter that he fled after the incident.
As his new album comes out on August 26th, the rapper announced a few weeks ago that this opus would undoubtedly be his last, tired of being constantly assimilated to the aggression of Rihanna, an act he considers a mistake of youth.

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