December 1, 2021

Christmas 2007: three digital frames to offer for Christmas

Here is a selection of three digital frames to offer for the holiday season.

- Digital frame with built-in speaker
Seeing your photos while listening to your music, here's what Toshiba's TekBright 7 "Digital Frame offers - with an internal memory of - only - 64MB, this product can still read multiple memory card formats, including SD or the XD, for more storage capacity, its 7-inch screen has a resolution of 720 x 480 pixels.

Price: 129 euros


- Digital frame that receives MMS
The operator Bouygues Telecom launches the first digital photo frame equipped with a SIM card. It allows to receive and display the photos sent by MMS from a mobile, regardless of the operator of the sender or the country where it is located. Designed by Parrot, this frame displays a 7-inch LCD screen and 64 MB internal memory.

Price: 189 euros


- Digital audio / photo / video frame
The versatile AgfaPhoto AF 5080M Digital Frame can read photos, MP3 / WMA audio files, as well as AVI / MPEG videos. It has an 8-inch screen in 4: 3 format with a resolution 800 x 600 pixels and an internal memory of 128 MB.

Price: 169.99 euros.


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