August 16, 2022

Dating between singles: How to multiply conquests on the Internet?

To seduce effectively on the Web, it is necessary above all to highlight. No way to post a picture of you waking up and without makeup, or late in the evening when alcohol has already wreaked havoc. On the contrary, pay attention to your personal branding and your digital identity.

Start by sorting through your photos and select only those that highlight you. If necessary, use a professional photographer to get some nice shots. A tip: forget the photomaton type portraits that dehumanizes the person. Privilege photos taken from you. And stay natural.


The choice of the pseudo
On Facebook, Trombi or Viadéo, the question of the nickname does not arise. Prefer your name and your name, simply. On a site of met on the other hand, it is indispensable. So pay more attention to this nickname. It reveals a part of your personality. Thus "little cat of 78" will not have the same impact as "baseball bat" or "Andy Sachs" of the Devil wears Prada.

Have the right attitude
To flirt effectively on the Net, adopt the right attitude. Post interesting information, interact with users and you will necessarily attract all eyes towards you. A golden rule: if you have nothing to say, opt for silence.

Are you going to see an exciting exhibition this weekend? Relay the info on Facebook and Twitter. You have been to the United States, note it on Buddies from before. To seduce on the Web, you have to tell the truth while emphasizing yourself. If you're feeling down, you do not need to take pictures with panda eyes. Privilege cool and interesting information. Focus on the positive and shine!

Do not flirt all over the place
On the Internet, however, one must be wary of the speakers. Select the men with whom you wish to interact and stay critical to avoid disappointment. Be sure of yourself and your assets. And do not wait for an email or a like on Facebook to illuminate your day.

Finally, have an active life outside the Internet. Your presence will attract all the more because it will be rare.


Here are some tips following the sites:

On Facebook
To effectively chat on Facebook, start by inviting your prey to become your friend. This will allow you to first learn about his life, including private. He post an info? Like or comment! A tip: just say smart things, if you do not do it. In your turn, save pretty photos on your profile, communicate around such event, your passions ... And when the link is closer, talk directly with the man you covet. Then invite him to continue the conversation over a coffee.

On Twitter
On Twitter, the drag is more discreet. Again, we record a beautiful photo, we write a short and impacting bio, and post interesting news. Then we follow her future conquest and retwitte the information she posted. And when a news is about the passions of the man, send him a private message. And engage the conversation ...

On dating sites
Meetic, Adopt a guy or Attractive World, you know. To seduce effectively on these sites, completely fill your profile. Add several photos that highlight you, choose your nickname scrupulously and write a nice ad. Have an active approach and do not hesitate to send emails or start discussions. Then, when the current passes, invite the beautiful Apollo to have a drink on the terrace.

By email
Do you fall for your office colleague? Send him a factual email. Then, as and when, let filter some more personal information like your program of the weekend for example. Be more relaxed in your conversations, use your sense of humor, use smileys ... Then, at the end of a conversation, enter your mobile number. Finally, a "see you soon", go to "good evening" then "good night". And "cordially", skip voluntarily to "kisses" and "kisses". Then, let the spell act.

On Trombi or Buddies before
On these sites, the dialogue is all found: "It was you who was in 4th with me at Jean Villars College"? And here is your old love of youth found! Do not hesitate to take news of your girlfriends. They too, may have a male to introduce you. Again, do not be shy and send emails to get news.Besides, why not launch an invitation to find your classmates, as in Patrick Bruel's song?

Prof Dame Mary Beard - Whiteness (August 2022)