May 29, 2023

Dating: the serial dragueuse tracks!

To meet people, nothing better than the ski slope. You will see, it's easy! tips for meetings guaranteed:

- Avoid school holidays: atmosphere too family and teenagers pimply!

- Choose a trendy resort, where you practice the various sports gliding fashionable.

- Ask about the shop where you have to rent equipment, the place to go for hot chocolate after skiing. And, of course, THE trendy box of the station!

In the gondola ...

- Plant at the start of a chairlift, gondola or cable car. Find your prey or a group that looks good to you.

- The chairlift is ideal to connect, a small breakdown in the middle of the climb would even be welcome.

-As for the cable car, there is no better way to get stuck to a skier. In addition, we are still out of balance in this kind of gear!

- After, it's up to you to play. Try to find out what tracks it will go down and follow it. If you have started a discussion, offer him to discover the last red open this year.

At the arrival of the chairlift, you can dare the fall, but it's risky, it can take you for a beginner. The pretext of the shoe too tight that you can not open is also possible.

On the tracks

- Make the one that is lost and can not find the way to the station.

- Fall in front of him, unless he falls on a despicable goujat, he should help you get up (but even note that above: to avoid if you do not want him to take you for a beginner).

- Thinking of the collision? Why not, but go easy, do not crash against each other. If you opt for this rather radical solution, it is at your own risk, it can very badly take it.

At the altitude restaurant

- If you managed to follow him to the restaurant, you still have to find the free table next to him. Be a little sassy: nothing prevents you from going free and sit at the same table on the pretext of lack of space.

- You can also simulate the slip by catching up with him. After all, it always slips on the terraces with the ski boots! Just avoid dropping your fries-ketchup on his combi!

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