October 22, 2021

Easter: a selection of chocolates

For Easter, chocolatiers compete with imagination. On Monday, March 24, children and parents will enjoy eggs, hens, fish and even frogs of all kinds. Here is a selection of chocolate creations.

- Gourmet eggs at the Marquise de Sevigne
To celebrate Easter with originality, the house Marquise de Sévigné proposes in limited edition its egg Yarrow. This one, which looks like a real egg, contains small eggs and "fries". Its hull is made of wafer broken praline and chocolate. And to personalize his egg, a food pen is provided.

Price: 32 euros the 310 g and 80 euros the 800 g
Website: www.marquise-de-sevigne.com

- Chickens Cindy and Claudia come back
Chez A Mother of the Family, Easter marks the return of the chickens Claudia and Cindy to chocolate black, milk and praline pastry.

Price: 18 euros for 200 g and 34 euros for 400 g
Information: 01 47 70 83 69

- Chocolate in luxury version at the Maison du Chocolat
In 2008, eggs of the House of Chocolate is adorned with gold. The "egg treasure "houses a selection ofeggs pralines black and milk, and pralines with coconut or orange-bergamot. The sets are made with gold leaf.

Price: 97 euros for 700 g
Website: www.lamaisonduchocolat.com

- Chocolate frogs for Monoprix
In its Sustainable Development collection, Monoprix offers Flip & Flop frogs made with chocolate labeled Max Havelaar.

Price: 14.90 euros

- The eggs Patrice Chapon love the leopard
Parisian chocolatier Patrice Chapon has created a jungle atmosphere for his creations. This year, eggs the chocolate milk displays a leopard print, while fish are zebra.

Price: 22 euros theegg leopard 14 cm, 14 euros the box of 2 zebra fish
Website: www.chocolat-chapon.com

- Tradition at Hediard
With simplicity, the Hediard House has created chocolates traditional forms, such as carved chimes chocolate black and milk.

Price: 12,20 euros the bell of 8.5 cm, furnished
Website: www.hediard.fr

- Lenôtre bunnies cook
Jeannot Lapin, the Easter Bunny imagined by Lenôtre goes to the kitchen, white hat on the head and pot of chocolate in the paws. The character is garnished with fries and small eggs.

Price: 34 euros for 250 g
Website: www.lenotre.fr

- Contemporary art seen by Jean-Paul Hévin
Jean-Paul Hévin created Compression Arty, a tower of chocolate composed of fish and eggs all sorts.

Price: 83 euros the 620 g
Website: www.jphevin.com