February 29, 2024

Elizabeth Taylor: A legendary beauty has disappeared

She has just died at 79 years old. The brown legend with amethyst eyes, Elizabeth Taylor, was one of the most beautiful women in cinema and the world in general. Her roles are interpreted with exceptional grace and talent, and especially her special beauty.

We remember her brown hair, black jet, often coiffed in a bun or a nice square curly. of the hair Thick, beautiful, which were put in the spotlight when Liz Taylor played Cleopatra with Richard Burton, whom she married twice.

On the bill of more than 50 films,Elizabeth Taylor has always dazzled his film partners as his huge audience. Her gorgeous smile made up of a vermilion red lipstick like her long nail polish, her thick and brown eyebrows perfectly drawn and her diaphanous skin embellished with blush participated in the myth.

But the most fascinating in the actress: her purple eyes, a true rarity of nature. Eyes that Elizabeth Taylor loved to put on dark, smoky eye shadows and a lengthening mascara.

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