October 25, 2021

Expertise: how to prepare your skin for the change of season?

Every season, its beauty prescription. At the change of season, with the sudden change of temperatures, it can happen that our skin is disturbed. And if, in general, when you move from summer to winter, you think to use more fat products to avoid the effect of crocodile skin, the transition from winter to summer also requires very special care.
The shower: all winter you have tended to use soaps or shower gels surgras so as to moisturize your skin. With the arrival of spring, you can vary the pleasures and use less fat products. Then, with the summer and the peak of heat, you will be able to use invigorating and energizing shower gels.
Exfoliating treatments: in winter, we tend to zap the box scrub, muffled that we are in our jeans and down jackets. With the approach of small skirts and sleeveless tops, remember to resume good habits at a rate of scrub per week. The scrubs Sugar or shea butter are easy to make at home, so no hesitation. Our pores will be cleaned and our skin will be proudly displayed in the coming weeks.
The hammam: it is the nice solution to make between girlfriends to find our baby skin before the arrival of the summer. This is a true deep cleansing of the skin. The virtues of vapors have been known for centuries, so bet on a beauty recipe that works for sure!
Moisturizing care: every season, its beauty vanity! If in winter you invest in a serum + face cream + night cream, with the arrival of good weather, and depending on the needs of your skin, you can zap the box serum and possibly put a little less cream . Listen to your skin If it remains bright several minutes after applying your facial care, adjust the quantities of product ...
Preparation for tanning: To shine before the summer, and arrive in good shape to enjoy full of sunny weekends, consider a vitamin or dietary supplement from March. The skin is capricious, devouring vitamin A and some trace elements. These are sometimes difficult to find in our diet. Do not hesitate to complete any nutritional deficiencies with a vitamin cure.

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