June 23, 2024

Fall / Winter 2013/2014 children's fashion: what we keep, what we throw for the autumn

For the fall-winter 2013-2014 season, the colors will be soft and the parts will be warm to face safely the cold. The creators of child fashion offer a wardrobe where modernity meets classicism with a romantic universe for little girls and looks more sportwear and rock for little boys. Inspired by the parents' wardrobe, children can now copy like grown-ups. Down jackets, jackets, trousers, discover the essentials to adopt or throw for back to school?

Cthis season your little ones will be able to keep the plaid shirt
A must-have for children and adults, the plaid shirt is one of the pieces children will be able to keep in the fall. Indeed this garment brings a pop & rock touch to the look for girls and marks the return of the trapper trend in the boys' locker room to refine the look of the perfect hunter. Red, blue or green this mixed piece fits perfectly with a slim colored skirt or leggings.

The jacket-fur jacket
This season, the big pieces are hot and trendy. We put away the leather jacket to bring out the fake fur clothes to accentuate the army trend in little boys and rock-girly girls.

The message t-shirt
In a society where we are constantly confronted with messages of all kinds whether on the street or on social networks, fashion has also followed this movement and children have fallen for this trend. Indeed since last season the brands offer many models to satisfy little girls but also little boys. This winter the t-shirt is always at the rendezvous in the children's locker room.

Slim jeans
For already two seasons the slim jeans settled in the children's locker room. Fitted with parents' cloakroom, this timeless piece is chic and rock. Colorful black or gray the slim is this winter the star of the dressing. Your children will then be able to store the bermudas and the pants too wide.

The jeans shirt
The preppy-chic trend marked the kids' locker room last season. For the fall-winter 2013-2014, the girls are able to put away small Scottish skirts but can keep the shirt in jeans for a good chic look good kind on the school benches.

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