May 28, 2024

Families: more and more popular camping

The campsite seduces you enough? Good! This is another way to see the holidays ... outdoors. And kids love it! For a few days, this type of accommodation will allow you to enjoy the simple things of life with your children. In addition, your toddlers can easily make friends and evolve safely. As for you, parents, you can go for a stroll or go sightseeing to discover the riches and beauties of the chosen region. One certainty: the whole family will live simple moments, authentic and unforgettable.

Families plebiscite camping

Indeed, camping is attracting more and more families for two decades. In 2011, all the indicators are green in this sector which has 8,600 fields and nearly a million locations. This year, parents and children will they opt for the tent, the mobile homes, the caravan or the cottage? At the sea, in the countryside, in the mountains? In family and / or friends? Unusual accommodation: cabin in the woods or trees, yurt or tipi? The survey tells us everything!

Which destinations are still preferred?

The sea is 64% ahead of the mountains (18%) and the countryside (16%).

Conviviality, freedom and great outdoors!

For the people surveyed, the strengths of camping are first of all conviviality (90%), proximity to nature (86%), the spirit of family (84%) and the economic criterion (83%). 62% of holidaymakers, who have deserved a holiday after a grueling year (work, harsh winter, studies of children and teens...) hope to find rest in a comfortable place or 55% want to find family or with relatives.

This study also shows that 56% of campers prefer their own accommodation against 43% to rented accommodation on site. This figure rises to 52% when it comes to families. You must know that campsites have indeed grown in unusual environments and that some have high-end infrastructures.

Some campsites offer many services

In general, campsites are well equipped and offer many services for the whole family : play areas for young children, well-equipped swimming pools (waterslide ...), multisports ground, table football, trampoline, animations ...

Child safety is not taken lightly

Some even have spas for parents. The campsites, which have many facilities and cleanliness, are ideal destinations and are perfect for stays with children. infants. They have several washing machines, sanitary well maintained. Standard and monitored swimming pools and mini-clubs for children allow parents to restore their health. When night falls, all family meets for a theme party.

And if you opt for unusual camping?

The family can try the hut perched in a tree, a yurt, a fisherman's hut, a charming cottage or a trailer that will delight young and old. You Tarzan, me Jane! Camping in the trees is extremely popular among young and old alike. Mom and Dad will be reconciled with nature and the kids will play Robin Hood.

Some sites in the plains or mountains rent tepees. Here again, the change of scenery will be guaranteed. Parents will appreciate the comfort of this type of accommodation and children will be able to take John Wayne or slip into the skin of the Geronimo apache warrior. The trailer will be the ideal solution to rhyme holidays with comfort and nature. These moments of relaxation in family will remain unforgettable.

What is the profile of campers in 2011? 

There are different profiles! There are families pragmatic, "bobos campers", older people or "young people" who want to party while saving money.
That people reluctant to this mode of holidays reassure you, you will not fall (inevitably) on a Patrick Chirac (played by Franck Dubosc) and his band of irreducible campers that you discovered in the movies "Camping", French comedy set scene by Fabien Onteniente. Like some hotels or residential centers, the hygiene of some campsites unfortunately leaves something to be desired. Do not forget to bring flip-flops to get to the sanitary corner.

The number of the day :

55% of French people who have been to a campsite in the past five years are not used to the Opinionway survey of the National Federation of Outdoor Hotels. This figure jumps to 68% for higher social categories or 61% for women.

This study was conducted online on a nationally representative sample of 2,061 French aged 18 and over between April 27 and May 6.

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