August 14, 2022

Find your figure after pregnancy

Do not rush
You will naturally lose a few pounds during the weeks following thedelivery. Rest and enjoy your newborn baby. Anyway, no need to think diet as long as you are breastfeeding, or resumed physical activity until your perineal rehabilitation sessions have been completed and your uterus has returned to its place. This period lasts between 2 to 3 months after the birth of your baby.
Save time for yourself
Young moms all suffer from lack of time for them. How to think of oneself, eat a balanced diet or practice a sporting activity when one is completely absorbed by one's baby ? Do not hesitate to solicit your entourage (husband, parents ...) or to use a babysitter punctually to do what you want, go out and start to regain physical activity.
Take stock of your diet
After your deliveryLet your body regain its strength and wait a few weeks to determine how many pounds you have left to lose. Once you are stabilized, monitor your eating habits by being unbiased. Note for example everything you eat for a week: are not there too many high fat foods? Are fibers present in your menus?
If you continue to breastfeed, do not start diet draconian: watch your diet, but do not restrict yourself.
Schedule an easy-to-follow diet
The key to success is to cook dishes that you will enjoy eating. Write on a sheet of paper any food that is not too hot and that you like. Flip through your cookbooks to program menus of everything you love. To make sure you stick to your schedule, buy what you need at the market and set your meals for the entire week. If necessary, prepare all your dishes in advance and freeze them. It's a good workout for the future feeding of your baby. By the way, you will see, the whole family will be happy to eat balanced!
If you have a lot of weight to lose, reduce your portions: you never use the same dish twice.
Take a physical activity again
Especially before returning to physical activity, talk to your doctor: he will advise you those who are authorized.
In any case, after several months without sports activity, do not impose on your body a sport that is too intensive.
For a smooth recovery, choose sports such as swimming or walking. They have the advantage of being able to practice at your own pace, without rushing your body.
Use at least your car, take the time to walk with your newborn in a baby carrier or a stroller, to do your little shopping. You will enjoy your child while remodeling your silhouette.

How I Got My Body Back After Baby (August 2022)