October 27, 2021

Finding your style at a hair stylist

A hairdresser is a professional who has followed a specific training of visagism and aesthetics and who can advise you on the best haircut for you, according to the curves of your face.

Expert facial physiognomy, it will best meet your desire for change. It's a bit like an expert doctor hairstyle, which examines every part of your face and recommends the color and the cut that you need, according to your complexion, your morphology, the oval of your face ....

During this session, where at first, the hairdresser studies and decrypts each line of your face and then makes a first diagnosis on your look. It tells you what is the hairstyle which would suit you best and why? It's up to you to decide if you want to follow his advice or not.

To help you in your choice, it simulates on a computer screen a virtual cut so that you visualize your hair better before the first scissors stroke. If his first choice does not suit you, he tries several virtual cuts until you find your happiness.

A successful face-up session can reveal your femininity and your personality. And sometimes, a simple cup can help restore morale!

The most of the session, is that this expert of the hairstyle gives you tips to better showcase yourself and better make up.
Our advice
To benefit from expert advice, go to a salon de hairstyle reputed, they all possess a hairdresser-stylist certified board. If you are hampered by the relatively high cost of the session, tell yourself that a personal counseling session to find your style is definitely worth it.

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