December 1, 2021

For Mother's Day, give her a massage

Zen version: Weleda Space

Your mum rather bucolic spirit with the arrival of sunny days? Organic, she makes it her specialty by putting the tribe on the quinoa and soya diet. She swears by cosmetics labeled and loves shopper in the local organic supermarket? No doubt, she will never thank you enough for the massage at the Weleda space, a place dedicated to welfare under the sign of the natural!

The institute denotes by its relaxing and invigorating colors, its scent of essential oils dissipated throughout the space, the delicacy of the beauticians ... It's as if time stopped for a few hours: the city life closes its doors for a real wind of freshness. At your choice, your mother will choose the 100% natural oils of her "harmony" massage: rose, birch, lavender, calendula ... her heart will swing to offer her body the best of sensations "serenity", "harmony of the senses" "," vitality "," relaxation "... programs that speak volumes about the quality of services.

An hour and a half later, she will open her eyes, serene and relaxed, an indelible grin on her rested face. She will not want to leave and will surely hang out around the proposed tea while strolling in the shop in search of the oils of happiness. She will note the address scrupulously and will swear to return as soon as she feels the pan on the verge of exploding!
Weleda Space, 10 avenue Franklin D. Roosevelt 75008 Paris
Starting from 54? the massage

Exotic version: the India Spa

Your mom needs escape? The next summer holidays are not even taken yet it already anticipates the return? On edge, she is surrounded and dreams of being able to decline the word "farniente" in all forms. Do not hesitate and choose him a true break of scenery.

A place where she can let go for half a day and dream of sunny beaches, local flavors, intoxicating fragrances. The address of the moment that takes the senses so far is without question: India Spa. The small institute, at first hyper-discrete, offers an abundant generosity on three floors as soon as the threshold has passed. From the decoration to the scents, to the massage and to the small snack ... She will definitely be in India, and will forget the distant bitumen of Paris. The face massage is a true delight between the exhilarating scents of honey, lychee, and coconut. The universe is poetic, refined, warm: pile what he needed!
india Spa, 76 rue Charlot 75003 Paris
Starting from 65? the massage

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