April 20, 2024

Foundation: choose the right one

I want good coverage
In cases of color imperfections or relief related to pathologies such as acne, rosacea, angioma or vitiligo, it requires absolute coverage, offered by some foundations in pharmacy. Choose the shade closest to your complexion and heat the foundation on the hand before applying it by tapping, for a better covering effect.

Bottom of dyed Unifiance patch from La Roche Posay
Two ranges are intended for the coverage of problem skin. One, Fine Skin Toner Corrector unifies the complexion regardless of color imperfections, the other, Optical Smoothing Foundation makeup and corrects unsightly reliefs (scars, scars, pimples, micro-kists ...). 17.68? in pharmacy.

Dermablend of Vichy
This foundation offers a very smooth result for a 16 hours outfit. Composed of a high coverage concealer (18?) And a fixing powder (18?), Dermablend camouflages dermatological problems.

I want a long-lasting outfit
Does your skin tend to turn the foundation? You often need alterations during the day, you want a little coverage without mask effect ... These foundations meet your expectations.
Infallible make-up from L'Oreal 
The promise: 16 hours of dress. Anti-fatigue, anti-imperfections, anti-marks, anti-dull, anti-shine, concealer ... In short, anti-all! This new foundation contains ultra-resistant pigments, which form a barrier to perspiration and sebum. In addition, in cohesion with the skin, they do not degrade.
13.97? in supermarkets.

dyed Lancôme Ultra Idol 
Lancôme's new foundation promises "second skin" comfort for 14 hours, without shifting or migrating thanks to special pigments called Color KeeperTM. These slips on the skin without thickness for a very soft effect.
35.50? in perfumeries.

I want a lifting effect for a complexion
For those who have mature skin and want an appropriate formula. You want a unified complexion without your wrinkles being "marked", as is sometimes the case with foundations? It is better to turn to foundation care, which has a soothing and tensor effect.
Plumping reboosting Bourjois
The formula of this foundation is enriched in micro-spheres of collagen: wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed, the epidermis revitalized. Soft-focus pigments enhance the smoothing effect while an SFP 12 protects the skin from harmful sun rays. Its pump bottle delivers the right amount of product. Available in 5 shades. 30 ml: 13.90? in supermarkets.

Diorskin Sculpt 
Its "bio-strech" texture instantly smoothes the cutaneous relief, erases imperfections and resculpt volumes. Liquid silicone and beeswax give the skin a pulpy, supple and fresh appearance. An anti-aging complex strengthens the activity of cells and redensifies the structure of the skin.
39.54? in perfumeries.

dyed Orlane anti-fatigue smoothing
Make up and take care of fatigue thanks to three active ingredients: Ginkgo Biloba, which activates cell metabolism and increases cellular irrigation, Ginseng with relaxing virtues and Soya bean extract that smooths the cutaneous relief. Nacres blur the imperfections and rediffuse the light. Bottle of 30 ml: 48?

I want lightness for a natural complexion
For young skin who want a more natural complexion. Do you want easy-going products for a light result, a bare skin effect? These foundations are designed for you!

Pure Makeup of Gemey Maybelline
Designed for young skin problems, this foundation formulated with 50% pure water and without perfume unifies the complexion and matifies the skin by avoiding to smother the pores. Its cream gel texture provides a fresh skin effect and lets the skin breathe. 8.50? in supermarkets.

Stay Real by Nivéa Beauté
According to Cyril Nesmon, brand makeup artist, the technology of this formula is part of a trend of research makeup purity and transparency of the dyed. Her texture Ultra fluid is applied with the fingertips. The dyed is unified and retains its natural appearance. 10.75? in supermarkets.

Aéra dyed from Vichy
Its non-occlusive micro-aerated texture lets the skin breathe and distributes the pigments regularly without clumping for a perfect complexion. Available in two textures: matte fluid and satin cream. 30 ml: 14? in pharmacies.

How To Choose The Right Foundation Shade! l Tips & Demo (April 2024)