June 13, 2024

Futuristic Hairstyles: I want this style without doing too much!

For who ?
For those who want a cutting edge destructured avant-garde without making tons!

Description of the cup:
-Square cut, the lengths are slightly degraded, but the fringe is cut without junction for a graphic effect.
-The color is obtained from a lightening in two stages to arrive at an extreme shade of Nordic blond with platinum tendency.

We love :
-The square that offers a lot of outfit to hair, top for those who have the hair purposes.
-The smoothed baguette that brings out our femininity.

Our advices:
-When we have them hair decks, it is necessary to wear makeup to enhance the contrast between the complexion and hair.
-Never discolour the eyebrows: they are the ones who give intensity to the look.
So are you ready to become the woman of tomorrow?

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