January 16, 2022

Gemini Horoscope 2011 - Ancestry

Gemini Horoscope 2011: the influence of your ascendancy


Gemini ascending Aries : It's not all that bad, you see? You will take back the adventure and build new projects. Share your enthusiasm with your friends and those around you. Follow your intuition, which will be excellent.
Gemini Ascending Bull: Your professional future looks very promising. After many delays and setbacks, you can finally implement ambitious projects in which you have invested time and money.

Gemini ascending Gemini : Jupiter will give you the irresistible urge to change your look and transform your environment. Go without a hitch, because it will be a good thing: you will feel refreshed, energized and full of excitement afterwards. If you want to move, the moment will be very opportune. The circumstances will also be very favorable to the renewal of your wardrobe.

Gemini ascending Cancer : If you have fluttered a lot lately, you will now want to blow a little and fix yourself. Venus will force you to recognize that you are not fully emotional and seek stability, the very one you have always sworn to flee. Any project of union or marriage will be favored.
Gemini ascending Lion: The tenacity and tenacity you will demonstrate will allow you to bring to a conclusion projects that are very difficult and terribly ambitious. This year you will get the right reward for all your efforts.

Gemini ascending Virgo : Hard to avoid a robbery or burglary this year. Respect the recommendations of your insurance contracts - three-point lock, alarm system, automobile cut-out, etc. - otherwise you will not be compensated in case of disaster.

Gemini Ascending Balance : With this astral environment with a "retro" character, you will feel the need to find your roots. Do not deprive yourself of this completely legitimate satisfaction. Start building your family tree if the heart tells you. Visit the places of your early childhood. Get back in touch with some of your extended family you have not heard from for a long time. All of this will benefit you in one way or another.

Gemini ascending Scorpion : You will want to incur large expenses to arrange and decorate your home. While it is perfectly desirable to have a pleasant environment to evolve, it would be imprudent to make expenses that far exceed its income.

Ascending Gemini Sagittarius : You will note this year some shortcomings that it would be good to remedy quickly. Do not put this off until later, in spite of all the desire you have to take a break and have a good time.

Gemini ascending Capricorn : A good saturnine current will make this year pretty good for the heart. Meetings likely to lead to a lasting union may take place. Always keep in mind that nothing is settled in one day, and that the life of two is prepared and continues with the agreement of the other.

Gemini ascending Aquarius : Your business or occupation will be well protected overall. Also, do not dramatize any disappointment, and do not lose your courage or good mood.

Gemini ascending Pisces : Be sure to maintain a watertight partition between your private life and your professional life. Never let one overflow on the other, otherwise you risk getting into trouble. No flirtation or liaison with a colleague, so as not to affect your efficiency! In case you have emotional difficulties, make sure that they do not prevent you from working normally.



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