June 9, 2023

Goat Chinese Horoscope 2011 - Work

Chinese Horoscope 2011: Work for the sign of the Goatee


First trimester : This aspect of the star Nguyet Duc will allow you to take stock of an expansion in your business or the start of a business. You will have to structure your projects without delay. Tie yourself a serious person in place who can give the necessary boost to your growth and development of your ambitions. The moral or material help of a family member or relative should not be overlooked.

Second trimester : The passage of the star Thien Hu in your sector of career will be beneficial for your professional development. A prognosis all the more well founded that you will at the same time benefit from the support of two distant stars favorable in this respect. You Vi, lucky, and the star Triet, both well connected to your sign, will join forces to help you get what you want.

Third trimester : The projects that you care most about should see the light of day. And not by chance! You will not spare your efforts to achieve your ends, taking many contacts to present your creations. If you are a writer, do not hesitate to propose a new book or a new article to publishers: your chances will be increased.

Fourth trimester : The powerful astral influences that will put you in the spotlight will probably have consequences in your work. However, it is possible that the very favorable events of this period do not directly affect your career. If so, you will be interested in new areas, in a personal activity alongside your work. No doubt this second activity will become very important in the coming months.


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