August 15, 2022

Hair: how to make a wavy hairstyle

For a sophisticated wavy ...

There are two types of wavy, small waves well drawn or a more defeated finish. It is this hairstyle / disheveled version that is the most fashionable. To achieve both, however, the same technique is followed. After having lacquered the hair, with a flat straightener, one begins to wrap a wick around one of the iron plates. It works with irons rounded or square ends, whatever, but it is better that the plates are of average size. We are at the root. Then turn the iron once and drag. Then release the wick and a small ripple should appear. Even if we smooth from the root, the hair will start to wave only halfway. No need to spend too much time on the wick, it is the movement and thermal shock that will create the small loop. It's just the same system as scissoring on a ribbon of gift wrap for twirling. In fact, the most difficult is to find the hand and the good inclination of the iron so that it buckles well and does not only smooth. But once you get it, the rest of the hairstyle is very simple and quick to do.

We can take small wicks for a wavy sustained or wider wicks for a wavy more loose. The size of the ripple comes from the size of the wick that we work. On the other hand, if you have hair that is already wavy or curly, or that is frizzy, you do not need to straighten it before, since the iron passage will smooth the strand at the same time as the curl. An appreciable saving of time.

 For a wild wavy ...

Once you have finished waving all your hair, you can leave it there, just by filing a haze of hairspray. You will have well drawn waves, for a sophisticated result. But if you prefer a more natural finish, you have to undo the ripples. We then heat a product a little greasy hands (serum, brilliantine ...) and undoes the wick ripples by wick gently passing the fingers in the hair. Especially no brush. This will create a slightly wild hairstyle with a slight volume.

This technique is to be done on dry hair and fits equally well to square, long or long hair. It is perfect for an evening but will not take several days. As we do not really curl the hair, when we go to bed, it will flatten the waves. The next day, they will be much looser or have completely disappeared, depending on your hair type.

Thanks to André Delahaigue, Artistic Director Jean Marc Maniatis, and Alexandre Protti, hairdresser Jean Marc Maniatis.