December 10, 2023

Hair massage: for a hair in great shape!

The virtues of hair massages

No, it's not an urban legend: these small daily movements are really good for our manes! It's simple: manipulating your scalp helps to activate the blood circulation and so, oxygen the hair. The hair will therefore be more receptive to the care you provide (oils, masks, after shampoos). In addition to these virtues, these massage are a great way to decompress. Imagine yourself after an exhausting day: what more relaxing than a massage, what more can you do yourself? If it makes you more beautiful, it is that we hit the jackpot!

How to stimulate your hair?

The first lesson to keep in mind is that you have to take your time. Why not spend some slow music to set the tone? To make good massage of hairyou need gentle pressure, not fast, jerky movements.

These are performed from the bottom to the top, in the direction of blood flow, for maximum results. You are given two particularly relaxing techniques to make at home for about three minutes each:

- The massage in support: Put your palms of hands on your scalp and exert pressure. Rotate very slowly and very strongly. The movement must be very light to be effective. To do on the neck, the temples and the top of the skull.
- The massage in pinches: Place your hands a few inches apart to pinch (gently) the scalp with your fingers. Bring your fingers little by little, always from the bottom to the top: from the nape to the forehead, then from the temples to the top of the skull.

Hair fat or dry ...

Attention all the same: massage of hair are not to recommend to everyone! These massage promote the production of nutrients at the root of hair. The hair tend to grease quickly so be careful to run these massage just before the shampoo and only twice a week. The hair dry will be delighted to be pampered EVERY DAY!

Tips and tricks

For some massage always more relaxing and beneficial, here are some tips:
- Argan oil. Almost magical, this oil used as a base for massage of scalp, restores vigor to hair weakened, stimulates the growth of hair and gives them a soft and silky texture.
- The hot towel. To promote microcirculation, apply a hot towel wet and wrung on your skull, then practice your massage.
- The elbows flat. To be comfortable and perfectly relaxed, consider to be well installed, with flat elbows for more fluid and supported movements.
You know everything ! You just have to practice this gym of hair regularly to shake hair with sensuality, just like in L'Oreal ads!

How To Massage Your Scalp & Hair To Reduce Hair Fall And Increase Hair Growth (December 2023)