June 23, 2024

Handle a knife as a leader in 6 lessons

Choosing your knife
There are a multitude of knives and all are dedicated to a task or a specific food. If you only have to remember one, it's the knife ex officio or cooked. It allows to mince, peel, detail ... Little by little, invest in equipment to cut the meat, cheese and even pizzas. And choose your knives according to the dishes that you often realize.

Blade: steel, stainless steel or ceramic?
If the ceramic blade has the advantage of being very sharp and more resistant than the others, it is also more fragile. The stainless steel one is solid and easy to maintain. But unattractive, it must be admitted. Finally, the side of stainless steel, we especially appreciate its strength but regular sharpening is essential.

Attention to the handle
The handling of a knife depends on its weight, its shape but also its handle. Always prefer a lightweight model that is easy to handle. The knives with a steel handle are certainly pretty and resistant, but they are heavy. Moreover, if the wood is the most beautiful effect, it does not always pass in the dishwasher and its color eventually pass or tarnish. To cook everyday, choose a plastic handle or silicone. The knife is dishwasher safe and does not fear shocks. And to make you want to cook, indulge yourself on color!

How to hold a knife ?
With your right hand, hold it knife and place the index finger and thumb on the handle. The left hand will serve to hold the fruit or vegetable. To avoid cuts, always fold your fingers inward, and rest on your nails. You are not sure of your gesture? You will find finger guards on the market to escape injuries. That's it, you're ready to slice an onion or cut a carrot.

Mince: an art
Keep the tip as long as possible on the board. It is your wrist that is swinging up and down while pulling the blade toward you. If we use mainly the tip of knifeyou can also use the base especially when it comes to carrots, more difficult to slice. In some cases, you can also hold the tip with your fingers to make sure it does not move.

Sharpening a knife with a rifle
Having a rifle is not enough to sharpen a knife. And many cooks think they sharpen their blades when their actions are ineffective. Indeed, the angle of the blade must be 10 ° relative to the rifle. And we go back to the tip of it by pushing the knife, and not by scraping it. If the knife is imposing, sharpen the tip last. And if the rifle does not convince you, try with a sharpening stone. Do you have ceramic knives? Use a sharpener specifically designed for.

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