June 23, 2024

High tech beauty: It vibrates, it turns, it heats

Rotating and vibrating mascaras

Lazy and clumsy special! these mascaras new generation will save your life! Objective: to reproduce the gestures of professional makeup artists. The latter have indeed the hand to make the eyelashes perfectly, from the root to the tip, without leaving a single side and without putting everywhere. Their secret? the zig-zag movement which consists of making the brush go from left to right at the root of the eyelashes thus allowing to color them in 3D. Armed with a small motor that's what the mascara vibrant tries to reproduce with surprising oscillations.


The mascaras Rotaries are more likely to reproduce the curler movement used to bend them. Like a round blow-dry brush for the hair, the brose of the mascara turns on itself to wind the eyelash and give it a curved shape that opens the eyes.


Brushing eyelashes

For those who have very stiff eyelashes and have tried all the brushes of mascara possible, here is the eyelash curler: the heating eyelash curler! Inspired by the mechanical eyelash curler that exerts pressure on the eyelash fringe to "bend" and thus make them go up, here it is curved through the heat of a mini iron.

Give a blow-dry to your eyelashes! Warm them! Traditional eyelash curler which, to be effective, exerts a mechanical pressure so strong that it causes irreparable damage on your eyelashes, the Blinc eyelash curler uses heat for a smooth action. It combines the effect of both heating and curling iron to shape your eyelashes in 30 seconds, enlarge your eyes, while respecting the health of your eyelashes.

Curling comb effect '' blow-dry eyelashes ''

Mascara Rotary Volume fast and perfect Bourjois, 17, 95?
Mascara rotary electric, Spinlash pro 25 ?, recharge 12?
Mascara Pulse Perfection vibrators, Gemey Maybelline, 15?
Eyelash curler heated Agnès b. (29,90?), At the Club of Beauty Creators, Talika (24,50?) Or Sephora Professional (20,90?)

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