June 9, 2023

Hilary Duff and her make-up glowy in Los Angeles

She is one of the most popular it-girls / actresses in the United States. Since her debut in the series "Lizzie McGuire", cinema and television have seen her grow. We even saw her in the "Gossip Girl" series as a star and girlfriend of Dan Humpfrey. For some time though, Hilary Duff was discreet on the screen. In March 2012, she gave birth to a baby boy, Luca. Since then, she seems to enjoy taking time to raise it quietly. So she put her career a little bit in the background and contented herself with a few television appearances in "Raising Hope" and "My Oncle Charlie." However, Hilary Duff Nevertheless, a beautiful and natural 25-year-old woman whose appearances on a red carpet are noticeable.

On Monday, August 5, 2013, the young actress was at the world premiere of the animated film "Planes". Faithful to her California Girl style, she displayed a glowy and summery beauty look. For starters, Hilary wore a natural blonde hair and very bright. Several locks were twisted to give his cut a good wavy effect. This also brought out its honey-blonde color, a perfect color for summer as it warms the dyed of the actress while softening her features. This light wavy seems to be the prerogative of Hollywood it-girls (Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens) who seek at all costs to display a natural beauty look in this very sunny weather.

On the make-up side, Hilary Duff had there also bet on the natural with a dyed zero defect, swept by a stroke of ocher sunlight slightly iridescent on the T-zone of the face (Forehead - cheekbones - chin). Resiltat: a good mine for a dyed slightly tanned. Regarding the look, the actress had deposited a line of black pencil with reflections, very fine, flush with the upper lashes and inside the lower eyelid. To enlarge her eyes, the young woman had opted for a mascara lying down and some false eyelashes. Finally to illuminate her eyes and bring out the color of her iris, she had placed a pearly white on the lower eyelid with a little more emphasis on the inner corner and the hollow of the eyelid. To not do too much and stay in a fresh and natural beauty look, Hilary Duff had chosen a lipstick glossy beige with a hint of pink. Just enough to sublimate his lips and perfect this very bright makeup. Hilary is sublime!

Hilary Duff is a glowing whimsical beauty being a New Mother at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood (June 2023)