April 20, 2024

Holiday love: summer, love or illusion?

Be yourself
It's the first thing to do. If you want there to be a continuation of this relationship, be yourself and do not cheat. It's your true personality that will attract your lover and make him want to pursue, not a role. This is also how you feel if you are comfortable with him or not. You can also, from your side, try to see if he over-plays or not a character. If so, enjoy it for a while then say goodbye.

Ask yourself the right questions
Summer happens outside of time: there is no past, no present ... no future? To determine it, ask yourself the right questions. For example: Will I fall for him if I met him in a different setting? This simple question can teach you a lot more than you think. Ask yourself what you might feel by introducing him to your surroundings ... Pride or embarrassment? The answer can help you determine the nature of your feelings.

Try to know him at best
As long as you do, ask him the right questions as well. Try to find out what is his daily life, as well as his way of perceiving it. What is his vision of love? From life to two? If there are topics that are sensitive to you, try to know his point of view. Perhaps you will discover common points or real differences of opinion! In any case, it is better to be fixed, if you are not on the same wavelength!


illusion - holiday love (April 2024)