October 21, 2020

Horoscope 2009: Taurus' professional future

Professional future 2009 - First quarter: Everyday life as part of your job will be uneventful. You will quietly assume your tasks. Still, the arrival of Jupiter in a sign in agreement with yours will give the start at a favorable time. Even if nothing moves in the immediate future, you can prepare for a period of growth.
Professional future 2009 - Second Quarter: Heaven will not be particularly hostile to you, and your career should take place under rather favorable auspices. But with Saturn placed in your sign and Pluto beginning to be opposed to it, you run the risk of indulging in unjustified discontent. Instead of appreciating what you have and waiting quietly for your professional life to evolve in the right direction, you will have the impression of being in stagnation and will have only one desire: to try to shake things up. But beware, this impatience may blow you decisions or attitudes that will only spoil your chances.
Professional future 2009 - Third quarter: This position of Saturn will have a direct impact on your daily work life, probably causing some minor difficulties. But with Uranus in favorable aspect, your confidence in you will be total, and small annoyances will only stimulate you!
Professional future 2009 - Fourth quarter: Jupiter will leave one of your professional sectors; it means that luck, which has been protecting your career for some time, will stop acting. This does not mean that you will face difficulties, but simply that from now on your successes will be more due to your personal efforts than fortuitous chances.

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