October 25, 2021

How to boost your look: we superimpose

At least two good reasons to start: and one, the more we have diapers, the warmer we are, and two, we discover new outfits when we thought we had exhausted all the possibilities of our wardrobe ....
A sweater too small? It will prove perfect over a denim jacket, especially if it is a bit wide.
A strapless dress? And hop we put on a T-shirt underneath, and we discover a rock potential that she herself did not know.
A leather jacket too cool? We gain precious degrees by wearing our knit vest above, rather than trying to get him back below ...
A super classic turtleneck? Perfect for replacing a t-shirt, under a lumberjack shirt worn open, for change, and a fine cardigan.
The little advice and more: if in the lot, we can let glimpse a little lace, under a sweater or behind a neckline, it's banco!

how to make your basic clothes look cute (October 2021)