June 13, 2024

How to feminize a chic tomboy look?

Borrow clothes from boys it's good, continue to look like a girl, it's even better. Yet, not obvious when fashion advises us to wear a jeans ultra wide with a leather jacket and a pair of Vans. To avoid falling into the trap of extreme androgyny, here are some tips to follow to stay ultra-feminine.


From the outset, to avoid looking like a real boy missed, we play on the mix and match. In other words, we mix our princess clothes with pieces stitched in the locker room. boys. Concretely, it gives a man's shirt that is blouser in a midi skirt or boyfriend jeans that feminizes with a silk shirt and flashy shoes. Same thing with the derbys and the tuxedo jacket that is preferably worn with a short and fitted dress.


Then we can play with colors and materials. Thus, a leather biker will immediately be more "girl" if it is chosen in carmine red rather than raven black. Ditto with city sneakers that do not hesitate to choose in shades or girly patterns. Pink candy or liberty prints, let's put some fancy in the clothes of boys.


Another strategy: play on accessories to feminize his look tomboy. His trousers suit is accompanied by a plastron necklace, his wide jeans with a pocket flakes or his long man's sweater with a wide twisted leather belt. Fashion is a question of detail.


Finally, we look after the beauty. Nothing like a touch of lipstick, a blow blow or a simple manicure to make our outfit boy a real girl look.


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