July 3, 2020

How to flirt in transport

Make up your mind !
As in Yelle's song, it's been weeks since you wait for this boy, spotted on the subway or the bus, to approach you. You can not go any longer ... Do not wait wisely in your corner for a miracle to happen! And yet, you have not yet dared to speak to him. Fairy tales, it rarely happens. We must always force a little fate and put his own. The magic wand is you who have it in your hands and no one else. So better to create the opportunity! You have nothing to lose, the main thing is to force a little meet.
The tips for him to notice you
It's decided this morning, you get started! Choose a pretty outfit that highlights you and where you are comfortable. Sexy but not too much. Remember that you go to the office after ... And if you get dressed hot, they will not miss you, your colleagues! Especially the most libidinous, whoever you dredge and who always looks up your cleavage during meetings ...

8:15. Subway platform. The time when the one who makes you capsize points the tip of his nose ... Your heart is racing just at his sight. Breathe, you have to be zen to do well.
While waiting for the train, do not be far from him, just to get in the same car.

Inside, make sure to be in his visual field. But not too close, because the closer we are, the less we see each other. And a certain distance, it creates a mystery for your potential Jules. You must at least stir up his curiosity. Operate the same way, if you take the bus or tram ...

Once you occupy the strategic position, look busy: immerse yourself in reading a newspaper or send a text message. Cross her gaze from time to time, looking like nothing, and once insisting on two. Above all, do not fix it with a smug air; he does not know you and it could scare him! You are neither a hunter nor an obsessive psychopath!

After a while, if you like him, he will support your eyes or give you a smile. It's an almost mathematical rule. If nothing happens, try again the following days. His gaze is decidedly fleeing? He is uncomfortable? Drop. Either you are not his style, or he is married, or he is gay ... Anyway, it is not for you and you will recover quickly!
Some techniques to approach it ...
Your game of looks continues day after day in transport ... You like him, that's for sure. But he still does not talk to you. Perhaps he lacks self-confidence or is afraid to take the rake of the century. And if you do not do anything either, this little game of seduction will end up boring you both and you could finally miss a beautiful love story.

Take it gently. Do it, if possible away from the indiscreet ears of other passengers, you will feel more comfortable. Stay focused, even if an embittered shrew gives you an indignant look as you dock Apollo. Tell yourself she is jealous and ignore it. And what does it mix with first?

Avoid trivial questions like "You go down to the next?" Talk to him more about the book he reads during the trip or train delays (it always federates). In short, find a good excuse to start a semblance of discussion.

When you say goodbye, do not give him your number and do not ask him. He must feel that nothing is acquired. It will awaken his desire to conquer you! And then you're sure to see him again the next day, same place, same time. So nothing presses.
Bet on complicity!
When you see each other again the following days, you are already more relaxed ... You speak naturally. Everything and nothing. Easy at this point to see if you really have affinities, without committing yourself to anything. One day, quite simply, one of you will end up proposing an activity "except public transport". A cinema session? A tennis game ? It does not matter ... you will know yourself better!

And if in the end you do not like it that much and you realize that it will not be your big love, you will have won another friend and you will not be bored in the morning!

Effective way to flirt in public transport (July 2020)