October 25, 2021

How to help a teenager become an adult?

Time flies, and already children grow up without even realizing it. The transition to adulthood is not the easiest thing to apprehend for teens. Often, this passage is seen as the arrival of responsibilities.

But as a parent, are you ready to see him become an adult? The parents often tend to still see their teenager as a child even when he is on the eve of his majority or entering higher education. A tip: avoid being a mum hen or a hen dad, your teenager will learn all the better to take responsibility, to stand on his own and thus to become an adult if you are not constantly on his back.

Empower him
Empower a teenager is one of the first key steps. Let him have his own keys, return alone after class, tidy his room, etc. Some may also acquire professional liability through a seasonal job. It's for a teenager an excellent way to discover the reality of the world of work, its benefits and constraints, and especially the value of money.

The teens are often waiting in front of their parents : make their appointment at the doctor, manage the administrative side (bank, social security, renewal of papers ...). Helping them into adulthood is also teaching them how to handle these things. By taking the time to show them, without putting pressure on them, without them having the impression that you do not want to take care of him anymore.

Helping Your Teen Become an Adult - Ken Wilgus (October 2021)