April 19, 2024

I get muscle without effort, instructions for use

To wear a perfect figure and lose your extra pounds, nothing is worth sport. But for those who want to redraw their silhouette without (too much) sweat, solutions exist. Review of detail.

The Passive Metabolic Gym (GMP) : How it works ?

Long infrared produces energy that burns calories and eliminates toxins. In practice: we lie under a dome for a session of 30 to 45 minutes. The body temperature increases by 2 ° C, which causes significant sweating.

What results?
We lose 800 to 1000 calories per session, and we fight against the retention of water. GMP also improves blood circulation, eliminates fatigue and relieves muscle pain.
It deflates quickly, from the second session.
Precautions for use: It is necessary to bear the heat (50 ° C) and to remain locked during 1/2 hour in the apparatus. To avoid for chlostrophobes!
The rate: 45? the session.

The power plate : How it works ?

This vibrating machine allows you to build muscles much faster than with any other sport traditional. For 30 minutes, the positions on the machine are chained. But contrary to popular belief, the power plate is really sport !
Precautions: To try and adopt provided you do not suffer from joint problems and not to be pregnant.
The price: between 25 and 30? the session, 240? the ten.

The Kinesis: How it works ?

The Kinesis is a device equipped with pulleys that can train different muscles by simply changing position. Kinesis replaces fifteen classic machines: it strengthens both superficial and deep muscles. This device also allows you to perform stretching exercises.
What results? The purpose of this machine is to restore a balance between body and mind to improve the quality of life around three axes: balance, flexibility and strength.
Precautions: no precautions in particular.
The price: Kinesis is installed in more and more clubs sport.

The water aerobics

Aquagym is very interesting because this activity combines the benefits of swimming and gymnastics. Practiced in hot water, this gym promotes muscle relaxation. The water causes a natural massage that stimulates the microcirculation and avoids the feeling of heavy legs. Water aerobics can be practiced by pregnant women and those who can not swim.

The results: half an hour of water aerobics is equivalent in terms of caloric expenditure to one and a half hours of gym in the dining room, nearly 600 calories. From the second month, the results are visible: gummy curves, increased cardiovascular capacity, improved blood circulation.
How often to practice: twice a week on average. The important thing, as with any physical activity, is regularity.
Information: Club Med gym, such. 01 45 54 79 00
- Espace Edouard Pailleron, tel. 01 40 40 27 70
- Aqualigne, tel. 05 56 38 05 55 - Aqua gymClub, tel. 02 47 20 04 44


Mix of yoga, dance and gymPilates tones the body and allows overall thinning. This technique strengthens the abdominal and dorsal, extending all joints. It can be practiced on sophisticated devices or on the ground.
The results: we soften and we muscle! All parts of the body are solicited, with a special mention for the abdominals which are worked in depth.
How often to practice: Twice a week on average.

The ground bar

This method of gym is characterized by a transposition on the ground of movements made at the helm. The exercises are done without bar, always on the ground and facing a large mirror. For professionals, it's just a way to prepare muscles and joints before performing dance steps. For beginners, these exercises are an ally of choice to soften, correct bad postures and of course, find a harmonious line.
The results: a ground bar session can burn about 300 calories in one hour! But beware, the refinement of the silhouette is not observed on the scale but on the muscles.
How often to practice: to practice the bar on the ground, no need to have done ballet. No need to be particularly flexible either.A frequency of two to three times a week, in addition to another discipline, is ideal to feel form and get fast results.
Information: //www.barreausol.com/

Tai chi

Tai chi chuan is a clever mix of gestures and postures to achieve by chaining. It evokes both a dance and a slow fight. The principle is simple. It is about making movements, while flexibility.
The results: you develop your flexibility, coordination and dynamism. In addition, breathing techniques allow deep relaxation.
How often to practice: no instructions in particular. You can do it at your pleasure!
Information: //www.ffwushu.fr/

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