April 10, 2021

I tested semi permanent nail polish

The nail polish is undoubtedly a feminine, glamorous and classy asset, but it never lasts more than 5 days without flaking or cracking. Do not panic, the Americans have found an alternative that allows to keep the varnish longer and flawlessly, without altering the nail is the nail polish semi-permanent. Today, this technique arrives in France and it hits hard!
It is at BeautyNails, French brand specialized in the beauty of nails for 25 years, that I decided to test the permanent UV varnish Wonderlack. What is this super varnish? It applies as a nail polish classic on natural nail except that it dries under a UV lamp. The promise: it is supposed to hold much longer, between 15 days and 3 weeks, without flaking. Let's go !

Real false nails
Installed comfortably in the brand new BeautyNails showroom, rue Réaumur in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris, Eva, trainer, takes care of my nails. For successful pose, a manicure is first essential: push the cuticles, polish, smooth, file nails. Eva then applies the Wonderlack Top Coat base twice to protect, followed by nail polish Wonderlack UV gel (chosen from more than 30 references). All these manipulations are interspersed with small times of catalysis under the UV lamp. The drying is instantaneous, for a fast and smooth work! Eva ends up with a last coat of Top Coat. The pose is quite fast, in 35 minutes, the nails are hard as concrete, curved and shiny as ever. The nail is magnified, it's pretty bluffing. The must: half a second after the finalization, one can immediately go about his activities without worrying about the freshly laid varnish. It is surprising, pleasant and especially practical.
Small tip of pro: to be sure of the outfit, Eva advises me to wear gloves during the dishes and other small work.

Result? After 4 days, the nail polish in my right hand (I'm right handed) begins to flake off almost every finger. I go back to make a touch and the trainer I meet explains that it's because I have too short nails and too fragile! I finally give up the experience after 10 days and remove everything. The gesture could not be simpler: a little dissolving solution or acetone and voila. However, I feel that my nails are not very fit, soft and brittle. This technique is really magic for those who have strong and healthy nails, to avoid in case of nails gnawed and weakened.

The most Beauty Nails: the brand allows you to equip yourself to apply like a pro the nail polish semi-permanent. This technique does not require any special training. All stages are detailed on the Beauty Nails website. To do this, you will simply need to bring: a UV lamp (about 35?) A Wonderlack Top Coat Base (19?), A Wonderlack UV Gel (19?), Sticks and a Solution to dissolve (2.60 the 10 and 3.45?). If you decide to equip yourself, there will necessarily be a cost, but quickly profitable after 3 or 4 uses. Equipment available on www.beautynails.com or in showrooms in Paris, Marseille and Nice. Otherwise, an institute delivery will cost you between 45 and 60?

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