November 28, 2022

I tested the French Legs for goddess legs

Keraskin Esthética has thought of us with French Legs and offers us glamor and sweetness around the obligatory hair removal + spray tan at the time of the beautiful days. The ritual begins with a scrub with the Hydro Scrub, a preliminary step that transforms the skin by smoothing it to best prepare for hair removal. And because often we come out the legs "depoilées" but full of small red dots ugly and that little white dress super star of summer 2011 will have to wait a few days, French Legs has thought of everything!

After the wax, the beautician continues with a massage from legs (ankles to thighs) with Oil K, its high concentration of extracts of chamomile softens the skin and avoids irritation of the epidermis. But above all, the targeted gestures combine reflexive and relaxing movements, result, the circulatory flows are stimulated, the skin is immediately soothed, the legs sculpted.

Keraskin Esthetic really thinks of everything: we do not pull out the calf fat as after an ayurvedic ultra oily protocol, since the beautician refreshes our legs with a cold towel which she also participates in the revival of the circulation.

Last step, the application of French Legs, a spray tan a half shade above the natural pigmentation of the skin for a perfect adaptation and a natural tan. In the blink of an eye we find our legs tanned and tapered, ready to go enjoy a drink with friends (or with his lover) on the terrace.

French Legacy of Keraskin Esthetics
½ legs: 30? the 20 minutes without hair removal + 25? for hair removal.
Full legs: 50? 35 minutes without hair removal + 40? for hair removal.
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