April 10, 2021

IFOP survey for Marc Dorcel: French women love X movies!

French women no longer blush or become indignant when talking to them about adult films. They even admit to watching solo! Thanks to an IFOP survey, we now know that 89% of French people have already watched a porn and 50% of women would have confessed to have already watched one.

This poll, published for the 30th anniversary of the X videos Marc Dorcel, the European leader in the field, is the first major survey on French behaviors and practices regarding pornographic films.

Studies in this area are rare, or nonexistent at this level, this survey can be perceived as a reference. It provides an update on uses and consumption patterns that have changed significantly over the past ten years.

This survey of the FIFG was conducted on a sample of 1016 people representative of the French population aged 18 and over. It sweeps away many received ideas about movies for over 18 years: for example, we learn that 9% of French people watch a porn movie at least once a week.

Of the French who have ever seen a pornographic film, one in five (18%) watch at least one per month, one in two (48%) see it occasionally. 44% of purchases or views are on the Internet, compared to 33% in a video club. 13% of respondents admit to having watched a porn movie too young, and 7% believe they have seen one too late in their lives!

As for the couple: 26% of women admit that watching a movie X ignites their desire compared to 44% of these gentlemen. And a third of women would not be embarrassed to watch one of these films as a couple, against half for their partners! The French couple are beginning to relax and to let themselves go to his fantasies.

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