February 22, 2020

Insects on the menu of the Parisian bar Le Festin nu ... who wants to test?

Want to try new flavors? The restaurant the Naked Lunch offers its customers particularly surprising dishes. On the menu: locusts, scorpions, bugs and grasshoppers ... Amateurs? This tapas bar is thus the first in Paris to offer dishes based oninsects. Elie Daviron, 26, opened this establishment last February, but it's only since this month that he has started this unconventional kitchen.

It will offer giant white water bugs (7cm) accompanied by a sheet of endive, candied peppers, pomegranate seeds and black garlic from Korea or a grasshopper in oyster leaf with quail egg calf and soy sauce. In the end, the insect brings especially the crisp and the visual, but it is the accompaniments that make the taste.

The owner of the place wants above all to propose a culinary and gustative experience, although he knows that not everyone is ready to take the plunge. "There are people very enthusiastic, others a little disappointed when they discover that it is finally eaten easily, curious, lovers who come back," he says, stating that the clientele of the restaurant has doubled since the launch of this new menu.

Will it now be necessary to rely on insects in our food? A report by the FAO (United Nations Food Organization) has in any case highlighted the assets of small animals: they are rich in protein and more environmentally friendly than meat or fish. Notice to the audacious ...

Paris restaurant serves scorpions: Diners eat bugs and beetles at Le Festin Nu (February 2020)