August 16, 2022

Is my child asthmatic?

If theasthma is a disease known for its most obvious symptom, namely the crisis which prevents the patient from breathing and whose oppressed breathing utters a characteristic whistling sound, a child suffering fromasthma may have more subtle symptoms that are important to treat. The signs that can alert you are as follows.

Your child coughs at night when he is in the presence of dust, smoke or animals such as cats. This cough is dry and occurs in fifths.
Your child has frequent bronchitis.
Your child is out of breath quickly during an effort.
Your child suffers choking sensations when sleeping, in the presence of animals or during sport.
Your child has seizures during which he whistles.

To diagnoseasthmayou have to talk about this disease to your doctor. He first uses a peak flow meter to estimate the respiratory function. The complete examination, meanwhile, takes about twenty minutes and consists of performing in addition a spirometry, to calculate the inspiratory and expiratory flow, and a phléthysmographie, to measure the volume and the inspiratory and expiratory flow. The patient sits in an airtight room and breathes through a mouthpiece. It is important to clarify for concerned parents that the examination is benign.
Our advice:
The diagnosis of theasthma in children is essential because, in 80% of cases, it is allergic, which means that we can act on the presence of the allergen to avoid seizures.

Recognizing an Asthma Attack in Your Child (August 2022)