May 28, 2024

Jennifer Aniston loves her square: it's her hairdresser who says it!

"The minute I was cut my hair, I wanted to find them long" stated Jennifer Aniston to Elle magazine last November. The actress was forced to cut her hair squarely, following a Brazilian smoothing that went wrong. Result: the actress chose to be asked, a few months later, extensions. A source close to the star has indeed entrusted the Radar Online site: "Jen complained to her friends that she did not like her short haircut ... she thought she wanted a drastic change, but she feels it's not the right look for her. to let her hair grow, Jen opted for extensions, which she had used in the past. " Jennifer Aniston seems to regret, bitterly, his last hair choice.

His hairdresser, Chris McMillan, defends this decision tooth and nail. He even tells the American site People that the actress is delighted with this hairstyle, and that she loves it. "Jen cut her hair because she wanted change, it was a whim, but she's really happy with this cut." Oh? The actress, herself, had confessed to having trouble getting used to her hairstyle, during her interview Elle UK magazine. A perfectly normal reaction for Chris McMillan. "It's usual not to be sure of such a radical hair change just after it happened, you look in the mirror for a week or more and you forget you're different. adapt but she adores him (cf: his square cut)". The message has passed ...

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