December 1, 2021

Johnny Depp: fan of his accessories!

One can be the most bankable from Hollywood, chaining the red carpet evenings and wearing old shoes a little crado. In any case, Johnny Depphe can. No fuss, no pretense, if Johnny Depp agrees to put himself on his 31 for special occasions, he does not remain determined to be well in his sneakers or in his big shoes rising ideal to work on a construction site.

So, when Johnny Depp gets out of his hotel to do some shopping before a big gala evening, a preview or an unexpected appearance on the red carpet in the company of his dear and tender Vanessa Paradishe has the total look Johnny Depp obviously. Jean stripped, even torn; sunglasses to try to pass incognito; multiple necklaces of Indian inspiration as its origins that it claims; and sometimes also a nice hat. A panoply that makes it both nature and completely irresistible, necessarily.

But where it gets funny is that in the evening, when Johnny Depp must honor his obligation of promotion, he changes his lumberjack for a black suit of the most sober, all worn with the same big dirty shoes. If it was not Johnny Depp, we would find that a little abused, but our credo is: "What Johnny Depp wants, Johnny Depp done. "Even with rotten shoes, we find it perfect!

Johnny Depp’s Crazy Style (December 2021)