June 9, 2023

Kamasutra: The Wheelbarrow or Union du Loup

In this position of Kamasutrathe woman kneels, crossing her arms in front of her to support her head. Then she arches and raises her buttocks. Standing behind, the man grabs his ankles and raises his partner's bent legs until his body is almost perpendicular to the floor. The man enters from behind. Pretty acrobatic, this position combines physical effort and thrills.
Council + : this position of Kama Sutra requires a good physical form on behalf of both partners, to avoid therefore by big fatigue. From this angle, the penetration is deep and violent. The rapid rubbing of the base of the penis and testicles of your lover against your pubis could lead you to paradise!

Flexibility: +++
Sexual challenge: ++++

Active man: ++++
Active woman: +

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