June 9, 2023

Kidexpo: parents and children expected on "My Planet" pole

Yet we must teach them simple actions that will preserve our planet. The big family event of the year, Kidexpo, which will be held from 21 to 24 October 2011, has understood. On occasion, the organizers create My planet, one of the thematic centers of Kidexpo...

... This cluster has a very specific purpose: to raise awareness families sustainable development through solutions, gestures and information disseminated in a fun way. That the parents and their children are reassured, a route of the advised animations is distributed to the visitors at the entrance of Kidexpo.

Here are some fun and ecological activities:

Sort the bricks, they are recycled!

On the pole My PlanetChildren will be made aware of the importance of sorting waste and the environmental nature of the brick format packaging. At this stand, children learn the right things to do on a daily basis for the protection of the planet.

The curious can also learn about the different stages of the life cycle of the food brick. Thanks to the "mini-pulper", visitors discover how this packaging lives a second life being recycled and transformed into new products such as industrial wiping paper, toilet paper ...

Recycling papers: get your hands dirty 

EcoFolio presents the second edition of its teaching tool "Léo Folio, the world of paper recycling". Even more ecological and playful, the little character Léo Folio continues his adventures on recycled paper but also on the web with the discovery of his house and the tool cards of the tool in an animated version.

Through these educational activities, children learn to become tomorrow's eco-citizens. Each child can also get their hands dirty and make their recycled paper sheet, play with Leo Folio, create their origami before leaving with his sheet and his "memo instructions" sorting to share in. family or between friends the good practices of sorting papers.

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