January 31, 2023

Léa Seydoux: his new haircut Jean Seberg

Léa Seydoux finished the shooting of the Farewells to the Queen. The one who should embody the Beauty alongside Vincent Cassel in a new adaptation of Beauty and the Beast by Christophe Gans, got rid of her beautiful hair ... for a hairstyle pretty radiant! It was necessary to dare to emphasize this assertive little, that almond blue look, that pink mouth with the smile of happiness. It's not like the charm of Léa Seydoux had gone unnoticed so far, but this haircut reveals a raw and fresh beauty with all the sensuality that a boyish trend offers.

The one that was revealed by the most new French directors' wave (Christophe Honoré with La Belle Personne) had the happy inspiration of a famous muse!

Le Petit Soldat – Jean-Luc Godard – Test Scene (English Subtitles) (January 2023)