March 1, 2021

Lady Gaga unrecognizable: it is almost scary to the natural ...

Lady Gaga we have accustomed to looks improbable certainly, displaying the craziest creations on the red carpet and for the slightest public appearance (meat dress, face covered with black lace), but when she becomes Stefani Germanotta, it is natural that 'she exposes herself on her site Last photo to date: a rather gloomy self-portrait where she takes a picture at arm's length, very brown hair, emaciated face, eyebrows almost invisible and bones protruding bust.

The singer-songwriter Born this way seems determined to show herself as she is in real life, as she had already done at the end of 2012. At the time, Lady Gaga had posted photos of her in the foot, dressed in a simple set of lingerie, to respond to critics who mocked her weight gain and especially to warn about the fight she has been fighting since the age of 15 against the anorexia and bulimia.

With this self-portrait, Lady Gaga leaves a message a little depressive since she writes "I thought I was destroyed inside. I am now ready to fight. Place to music"An almost alarmist text when you know that the superstar had to cancel his tour and nearly twenty concerts in total to undergo a hip operation last March." A few weeks ago, she even invested in a gold wheelchair to be able to move more easily ... Lady Gaga would she be bottoming out?

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