April 19, 2024

We tested: the Power Plate Pro 6 to firm up the silhouette

Your new "torture" machine is almost identical to its predecessors (at least at its vibrating base) except that this time for maximum pleasure, it is equipped with cables located on each side. An entire program !

Put on your outfit sport, your sneakers, get your bottle of water and your towel because you will need it and direction a center Power Plate. Before any practice, always ask a coach, because it is not a harmless machine and misuse could be dangerous. You will be able to evaluate with him your experience and define the exercises that will suit you best. Whatever your level, the session will not exceed 30 minutes!

Here you are, ready to ride on the machine. You will first familiarize your body with the machine by extending your legs on the platform. An original position, but you will quickly see it will have its effect. Light vibrations will work on your circulation.

Once this first step is complete, you will be able to stretch your muscles. Here you are now in conditions to start the real work, the one that will give you the cable to tweak. Because they have thought of everything, the level of adjustment of the cables can be adapted to each practitioner according to its weight, its size and of course its experience! Let neophytes reassure themselves, so they can go at their own pace!

If with the Power Plate classic, we work mainly the abdominal muscles, glutes and triceps. With this new version, the upper body is also highly sought. Arms, neck, shoulders: there will be no jealous, everyone will be entitled to his moment of work! Your session will end with vibrations much lighter and pleasant that will massage you at the same time, to make the transition with the cessation of physical activity. What better way to finish 30 minutes of sport ?

The advantage with this new version is that if for medical reasons you can not get on the platform, you can still work with the cables by positioning yourself next to it and perform multiple exercises. Ingenious, no?
With Power plateknow that your muscle works at 97% of its effectiveness (against 40% for a standard physical activity). Regular practice will quickly bring results.

Whatever one hears about the risks of Power Plate and vibration, the concept has got a medical certification. However, if you can not stand the machine from the first session, talk to the coach and your doctor who will point you to something else.

> Videos demos and movements in pictures, it's here!

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