August 4, 2020

Look of the day: Alessandra Ambrosio in Los Angeles casual mode

Winter is a time of year that one appreciates by its kind of pure and white beauty (O pretty snow!) Which comes to appease a colorful autumnal landscape. The problem with winter is the cold. It may seem stupid to throw it like that, but we must agree: in winter, it is hard to stay top gun with small light dresses, especially if you are chilly nature. And suddenly, who says cold says layers of extra clothes. Leaving to lose his look ...
Fortunately, there are still parades in the bibendum look. And Alessandra Ambrosio seems to have found hers. The Brazilian top, known for its dreamy plastic that she proudly shows at every Victoria's Secret show, is a bohemian-style fashionista, hippie in summer, and comfortable and chic in winter. Thus, when we see him, Thursday, December 19, strolling through the streets of Los Angeles by getting his daughter Anja Louise to school, it is not surprising to see her in a uniform. winter comfortable and simple but who does not forget to be so chic.

Alessandra Ambrosio so had opted for a pull + set jeans + boots. The braided knit sweater was chosen short, in a purple taupe hue and a cut a little wide without being oversize. The round neck and the long sleeves raised in mid-length softened the "winter look" side. The jeans he was caught in a faded denim hue, the slim fit, and had gotten into gray-gray high boots. We particularly like the suede aspect of the shoes which reminds the mind of a certain idea of ​​comfort and warmth, like the braided sweater.

Side accessories, a bag Gray crocodile skin leather shoulder strap, golden watch and some bracelets fit the bill. We easily recognize that on this shot, the accessory 100% ball of hair is the adorable little bichon that Alessandra holds in his arms. Unless you have the same at home, it will be difficult to copy this aspect (so cool, we grant you) of the mannequin ...

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