June 23, 2024

Makeup trend pretty dyed: I adopt the Pore Minimizer

What are pore reducers for?
As its name suggests, a pore reducing product or "pore minimizer" or "filling base", is used to make invisible pores dilated and especially to make a beautiful skin texture.
Usually imperfections remain visible even under makeup because of their relief. Indeed, when the pores are dilated, they create a small hollow which, multiplied by as many pores as the zone T (forehead, nose and chin), makes the complexion irregular, blurred. The idea here is to smooth the microrelief of the skin while matting the area.
The advantage of these small cosmetic miracles is that they also camouflage small pimples, small scars or fine lines. Initially designed to unify the mixed zone, the effect "peach skin" is so bluffing, that it can be used as a foundation all over the face, as a sparkle when the wrinkles are marked. Formulated much like wrinkle filler, pore reducers are lighter and form a real pile of velvet on the skin.

How it works ?

Initially reserved for professionals and particularly used on photo shoots, their formulas are all based on different derivatives of silicone. This ingredient also used in shampoos to smooth the hair fiber and even intimate lubricants for its incredible sliding, has the special feature of forming an extremely smooth layer on the surface of the skin.


Like micro-beads that sneak into all the hollows, the material slips everywhere and fills the irregularities, providing a very velvety feeling and blurring in passing the micro-relief, and therefore also the imperfections. But beware, it is not a facial care: formulas do not necessarily have anti-wrinkle action or on the pores dilated. Some are enriched with active ingredients or plant extracts such as Global Perfect Sisley (30 ml, 130?) Or Sephora's Fine Pore Serum with Bamboo Powder (100ml, 16.90?), But most are a simple make-up weapon to beautify the skin on the surface.

They come in either small jars like the Smoothing Resurfacing Base of the Secret Studio Oreal (15ml, 9.90?), The Re-Fine pore smoothing and mattifying base of Cosmence at the CCB (15ml, 23.50?) Or the Smoothing Base Colorless Flower Perfection, Bourjois (7ml, 11?) Or in tubes like Clinique Pore Minimizer (15ml, 22?), Benefit Porefessional (22ml, 32?), Urban Pore Minimizer Foundation Decay (30ml, 26?) Or the Photo Finish Smashbox Pore & Wrinkle Concealer (at Sephora, 21ml, 27?)


Some are also two-in-one to give you a good look at the passage like the Smooth Minute Self Tanning Clarins, (30ml, 28.90?) That allows you to take colors in passing, or the Pore No More Pore Refiner Hint of Tint by Dr. Brandt (30ml, 44?) that combines a touch of foundation with the formula.


How and when to apply a pore reducer?

It's very simple: just a nut to spread with the fingertips on the areas concerned. It must be applied after moisturizer, and this can be enough for those who do not wear makeup for a "beautiful skin" effect. If you want to apply powder or blush, you can apply it over with a brush. On the other hand, if you wear foundation, you must first remove the base before, so as to create a smooth surface on which to spread the foundation when it is liquid.

If it is compact, some prefer to apply the pore minimizer at the end, as a final touch to avoid removing it with the sponge at the application of the foundation. To be tested according to the product combination and the textures used. In any case, you can re-apply the pore-reducing basics during the day to mattify.

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